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The Chairman's recent message sent to the Staff list reminded me I 
hadn't added y'all from the meeting, so now I have added emails from all 
the staff apps collected at the last meeting, and am forwarding his 
recent communication about planning a barbecue.  Please take a look!

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Many of you may have seen by now that I scheduled two working BBQs
between the other staff meetings: Saturdays, July 25th and August 29th.
I am in the process of booking a picnic space in Alameda for the July
25th BBQ, but am looking for a different place that we can hold the one
on August 29th, perhaps further southeast.

Can anyone host at their own home, or is there a park nearby you that
might work well for 30-40 people to meet? For parks, reservations are
best, and residents get better rates than non-residents. (Kennedy Park
in Hayward would work nicely as well, in case anyone lives there.) I
would reimburse you for reservation fees.

*Erik Bigglestone*
Chairman, /Convolution 2015 - www.con-volution.com
Managing Owner, /Games of Berkeley - www.gamesofberkeley.com
President & Chairman, /Evil Empire, Inc./

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