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Hi Eric,  Since you are asking for staff, have you also looked at how Babs asked for staff. Fellow con helping fellow con request with Sonja. Just thinking. (ouch!)
 Craig Nicolai 

     On Wednesday, April 15, 2015 12:50 PM, Erik Bigglestone <erbigglestone at gmail.com> wrote:

 Greetings, all!
I haven't yet contacted a lot of the people who built Convolution over its previous 3 years, and it's past time that I rectified that situation. Please consider this email to be an extended hand, asking one and all if you would be willing to contribute your talents and time to Convolution 2015.
(I know some of you may not be interested, so this is the only time I'll be using the prior years' staff email lists.)
For those of you who are not aware, this year's theme, LEGION, represents the concept of a United Nations of Fandom. The idea behind this is an extension of Convolution's original premise that nearly everyone is a Fan -- we are everywhere -- because there are so many things that can be considered as speculative fiction: literature, video games, cartoons, summer blockbuster movies, etc. Why not invite people to be "delegates" for those passions, to learn about unfamiliar geek interests, and to explore the differences and challenges we experience?
Please feel free to check this year's website for more information about the theme, our current lists of guests and available staff positions, and to see who's running each division. Upon request, I'm also happy to send you my original bid from 2 years ago for the chairmanship of this year, so you can see what I was thinking then compared to where we are now. I am also looking at calendar dates and locations for adding 2 more staff meetings to the schedule; keep an eye on social media and the website itself for more information about that.
Thanks very much for your attention, and don't hesitate to write me with questions, suggestions or comments. Please share our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, talk to people about your experiences withe past years, and I hope to see some of you at future meetings!
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