[Staff14] Badges and Event Espresso

Christine Doyle programming at monty-doyle.com
Tue Sep 23 12:42:42 CDT 2014

Most of you should have received an e-mail from the 'bot about your staff registration.

There is a disconnect between the data entry and payment (if any) that is required -- ignore that for now, as I need to manually go through the lists with the finance folks.

Department Managers -- if there was no e-mail associated with someone assigned to your department, *you* got their e-mail -- please forward it to them and have them contact registration at con-volution.com to get the corrected info into the system.  

If you need to pay us still, or fill out your staff application, that will happen as soon as we get on-site and setup.  Your badge may not be in ConOps, depending on the number of folks this applies to.  More details about this once we get a little more information dealt with on our end.


Christine Doyle
Director, Member Services
memberservices at con-volution.com
programming at monty-doyle.com

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