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Christine Doyle programming at monty-doyle.com
Sun Sep 21 23:12:45 CDT 2014

Folks -

If you haven't already put your info into the Event Espresso database on our website, you won't have a badge ready once we get to con.

This is *separate* from the Staff Application that you filled out.  If you are on the staff list that Cheri sent me last week, then you're in the database (with the data she has on file for you).  You may have gotten a confirmation e-mail about it.

If you aren't on that list and haven't signed up before -- CON OPS STAFF, this means YOU!! -- then you won't have a badge when you get on-site on Thursday or Friday.  

The event is CLOSED.  You will need to contact registration at con-volution.com to get your badge created.  Bribes are accepted.  :)  (Ask Stan what he and his crew want)


Christine Doyle
Director, Member Services
memberservices at con-volution.com
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