[Staff14] Need a good samaritan

Cheri Stryker macha at dancingbones.org
Sat Sep 20 02:09:48 CDT 2014

Oh, I'm talking about Kimmi.  Sorry if that wasn't clear.  She's cc'd on 
this, in case you can help.

Cheri Stryker
Financial Services Division Director, Email and Data Manager, 
Convolution 2014
CEO, Consanity, Inc.
Secretary, Evil Empire, Inc.

On 9/19/2014 11:53 PM, Cheri Stryker wrote:
> Our Gallery lead is trapped, trapped I say!  She's in Pittsburg, deep
> East Bay, with a bum knee and no car.
> And I really, really need her at the meeting for cashier training.
> PLEASE, someone, jump in, give a gal a lift?

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