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Stephen Libbey childe.dirk at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 21:07:12 CDT 2014

Greetings Convolution Staff,

Our room block at the Hyatt closed one month prior to our event, which
is standard.  However, whereas last year they were willing to reopen
it for us, this year they are not willing to do that.  Oracle is doing
their big Open Oracle event starting that Sunday so most of the area
hotels have booked most of their space beginning Saturday night.

I was however able to book a few rooms at a couple close hotels.  The
rate is not as good as our Hyatt rate, but it's what was available.
If you still need a room, please book one of these ASAP.  I'm going to
put it out to our attendees in an e-mail blast tomorrow but I wanted
to give any staff that needed space an opportunity first.

The Holiday Inn Express has a rate of $189 per night.  It is just down
the block from the Hyatt.  The rate includes parking, breakfast, and
wifi.  You can book that here:

In addition we have a small block at the SFO Hilton for $159 per
night.  The rate is slightly better but does not include the amenities
of the other hotel.  It is also further away, but is on the route of
free Burlingame Trolly, which also stops at the Hyatt.  You can book
there by calling 1-866-324-6914 and mentioning Convolution.

Stephen Libbey

Director-Business Services

Convolution 2014
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