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Folks -

It's hard to make sure that we get everyone we want on this list.  Please send me names/info for folks who should be included.  They must have died since our last event (i.e., since the last week in October 2013), and have some sort of connection to SF/F or the Bay Area.

The list as I have it right now is below.


Maya Angelou, Author
Sir Richard Attenborough (director/actor)
Janet Baker, Screenwriter (Doctor Who, Space 1999)
Joe Bethancourt (Master Ioseph of Locksley), Fan, Musician
Malcolm Scott Carpenter, Astronaut
Tom Clancy, Author
Frank Dietz, Fan, Editor
Bobbie Dufault, Fan
Roger Easton (engineer) -- GPS
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Author
H,R. Giger, Artist, Art Designer  (Alien)
William Harrison, Author
Daniel Keyes (writer/professor) -- Flowers for Algernon
Richard Kiel, Actor -- Jaws in Moonraker
Stephanie Kwolek, chemist, who invented Kevlar
Jay Lake, Author, Fan
Frederick I Ordway III, the NASA official who helped on 2001: A Space Odyssey 
Phyllis Patterson (event organizer/Faire)
Harold Ramis (director/actor) -- Ghostbusters, etc
Arthur Rankin (producer) -- The Hobbit, The Last Unicorn, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Joan Rivers (comic)
Lucius Shepard, Author, Hugo Winner
David Trampier, Artist, Gamer
Robin Williams (comic/actor)
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