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Fri Sep 12 00:04:51 CDT 2014

Hello Convolution staff member,
We're just two weeks out from Convolution!  There's lots going on and I
want to make sure that you're up to date on all the important dates and

First, if you know anyone who is planning on being on staff, but has not
received this e-mail, it means we probably have not received their staff
form.  Please forward this on to anyone you know who is on staff but
didn't get this message.  The staff forms are available on line and should
be turned in to your department manager.

/SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13/ - Pre-registration closes at midnight in two days.
 Make sure to tell your friends!  

/SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20/ - MANDATORY all-staff meeting, Hyatt Regency SFO -
Scalini Room (AKA Gaming)
The meeting will be from 11 AM - 3 PM.  Approximately 2 hours of this
will be general staff meeting, a review of policies and procedures, and a
run-through of the convention.


   *   Load-in - the truck will hopefully be arriving at the hotel by 2.
 If you are free and can lend a hand, the truck will need to be unloaded
to the Bayshore Room - which means no more cutting through the kitchens!
   *   SF in SF - Convolution is pleased to partner with SF in SF to host a
reading and short interview with Tanya Huff and Michael Stackpole.
 Admission is free with your convolution badge or $10 at the door.  All
proceeds will go to our charity, the Chabot Space and Science Center.
 7:00 PM in the Harbour Room.

Pro-Social - Staff are welcome to attend the pro-social.  It will last
from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM in the Harbour Room and be immediately followed by
the Meet the Guests, Charity Bingo and Karaoke.


   *   Panels and events starts at 8:00 AM and run through the evening.
   *   Don't miss the Masquerade, which starts at 8:00 in the pool pavilion.
 If you want the best seat, come check out the charity auction which will
immediately precedes the show


   *   The show starts at 8:00 AM and will slowly start coming down
throughout the afternoon.
   *   Closing ceremonies starts at 4:00 followed immediately by the Member
feedback session.
   *   Load-out - we'll start loading the truck mid-late afternoon.  If you
have a little time, even 10-15 minutes, please come by to lend a hand.
   *   After Party - Once everything is packed up, we'll be having an after
party in the hospitality suite.  Anyone who is still around is invited to
come, help clean out the food and drink and relax and talk with your fellow
staff members and guests.  

The truck will be heading back to Santa Clara in the morning.  If you're
free in the south bay to help unload the truck into the locker, the help
would be welcome.  

We just threw a successful convention, where are we going?   Disneyland!!
If you can make it to southern California, we'll meet up for a group photo
in front of the castle at midday.

Deadline to submit reimbursement requests.  The forms can be e-mailed to
financialservices at con-volution.com.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Look forward to seeing you all on the
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