[Staff14] Welcome to the 2014 all-staff mailing list

Cheri Stryker macha at dancingbones.org
Sun Sep 7 15:31:40 CDT 2014

Several of you asked, at Saturday's meeting, whether one could pay online.

So, here is the short URL for the staff registration form:

When you go to this page and enter your information it will be added to 
the registration database, thus helping insure that you will have a 
badge waiting for you at-con.  Whether you have paid already or not, if 
you have not completed this part of the process, please go there and do 
so.  It will also take you, at the end of the process, to the PayPal 
payment page.

If you have already paid, just skip that step.  Otherwise, the staff 
registration fee is $35.

If you're not sure if you've paid or not, please get in touch with me 
and I will do some research and let you know.
Cheri Stryker
Financial Services Division Director, Email and Data Manager, 
Convolution 2014
CEO, Consanity, Inc.
Secretary, Evil Empire, Inc.

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