[Staff14] Great con, everyone! BUT

Cheri Stryker macha at dancingbones.org
Wed Oct 1 17:03:26 CDT 2014

What an awesome year, again!  Excellent feedback from MANY sources, and 
everybody seemed happy.

Now to finish.  Let's talk about money.

Do you have receipts that you still need to be reimbursed for?  And you 
didn't get a chance to pass them to me at-con?

You have until October 31, one month after the end of the convention, to 
send them to me for reimbursement.

Handling them by email is a bit tricky, but it can be done. 
Unfortunately, we don't have a version that you can just type into, but 
I'm attaching one you can print out.  All reimbursement requests MUST 
have the receipts attached.

Please print and scan the form, scan the receipts.  If you got an email 
receipt, attach that to the email when you email me the scanned form.

Since we've now all scattered to our various corners of the earth, 
getting a manager's approval is tricky, but is still required.  Best 
option here is to compose an email, attach the scan of the form and the 
receipts, and send it to the department or division manager who can 
approve it.  Then, the manager can forward it on to me, with the 
attachments, and a note saying they approve the expense.  That way all 
the ducks will line up nicely.

The last piece of the puzzle is that the form REQUIRES the budget line 
item for the expense to be listed.  The budget can be found here:

The reimbursement form itself is here:
Cheri Stryker
Financial Services Division Director, Email and Data Manager, 
Convolution 2014
CEO, Consanity, Inc.
Secretary, Evil Empire, Inc.

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