[Staff14] Fan Table schedule

Stephen Libbey childe.dirk at gmail.com
Tue May 20 00:32:54 CDT 2014

Attached you will find a tentative schedule for fan tables next weekend.
 I've included everybody who volunteered at the last staff meeting, but
please make sure the time I've assigned will work for you.

I tried not to over schedule those who volunteered but we only had a few
volunteers, we could use help.  If those who volunteered are wiling to work
longer than I've scheduled, just let me know.  It would also be nice if we
had more than one person working at each table during each time, being by
yourself is no fun.

The top priority is a need for help at Clockwork Alchemy on Saturday
afternoon.  We will need help both setting up the party and working the
table.  Right now Meredith and I are the only people working at CA on
Saturday, and we can't do both.

If you're available to help, please let me know.

Stephen Libbey
Director of Business Services
Convolution 2014.
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