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Christine Doyle programming at monty-doyle.com
Mon May 19 21:54:11 CDT 2014

the attachment was too big.  I'll figure out another way to post it if folks need to see it.


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> Hi folks!
> I have entered the info for everyone who was on the staff list that Cheri just gave me who had *complete* information.  I am missing a couple of addresses for folks, and I will talk to them directly. 
> You should have gotten an e-mail with the subject "Convolution 2014 STAFF ONLY registration confirmation"
> Please open it and take a look at the data that I entered.  Any typos?  Did I get your preference for Badge Name/Legal Name correct?  (I guessed for most folks... and I may be totally wrong).
> Click on the link that is your name and it will take you to the actual data and you can edit.  (no, you can't edit Meredith's entry!)
> If your entry was marked as paid, you will have a $0 ticket fee.  If I don't know that you have paid, you will have a $35 ticket fee.  You can pay us on the web using PayPal.  Or you can give us cash or a check.  But until Cheri tells me you've paid, you'll still have a balance.
> If you didn't get the e-mail, but think that your name should have been on the staff list already, please contact me directly -- programming at monty-doyle.com (yes, I know I'm in charge of member services now...)
> Chris

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