[Staff14] Mailing lists

Cheri Stryker macha at dancingbones.org
Mon May 19 19:39:05 CDT 2014

As many of you know, last year we had division mailing lists, for 
communication within that division.  I had hoped we could simply re-name 
them for preservation of the archived information they contained, but I 
cannot do that.  So, I will be making non-year-specific division mailing 
lists shortly.

If you (Division Managers) have any staff members that have not yet 
turned in a staff app, I most likely don't have their email address. 
So, can you please email me (off this thread) with names & addresses 
that you would like included in your division mailing list?

The lists will be some variation of:


additionally, a couple departments had their own lists as well.  Please 
let me know if they are still needed, and who should be subscribed to them:


(Dorie - would you like a ConOps@ list?)

And finally, as always, the sooner we can get staffers signed up for the 
staff email list the better.  If Div. Heads can check with their 
staffers to be sure they received this email, or the other one sent 
today about useful links, we can make sure that everyone gets all the 
important communciations.
Cheri Stryker
Financial Services Division Director, Email and Data Manager, 
Convolution 2014
CEO, Consanity, Inc.
Secretary, Evil Empire, Inc.

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