[Staff14] Staff general info

Cheri Stryker macha at dancingbones.org
Mon May 19 19:25:15 CDT 2014

Greetings!  I've just updated the staff14 @ con-volution.com list with 
info for all the folks that completed their apps at the meeting on the 10th.

We've got a few notes:

If you were waiting to pay your staff fee online, the link is set up. 
This is ONLY for staff, please don't pass this on to others:


There's a variety of forms that are associated with the con's smooth 
functioning, including the staff application, reimbursement forms, etc. 
  They're all available to access on our convention staff google account 
- convo2k @ gmail.com, AKA Convolution Staffinski.

Forms are here, as well as the budget (if you plan to spend any con 
money, please be sure to review the budget for what line item that 
expense would fall under)  Please don't alter forms that are not your 
direct responsibility, of course; download a copy and print or send back 

The calendar is here (with meeting dates and locations, and due 

Cheri Stryker
Financial Services Division Director, Email and Data Manager, 
Convolution 2014
CEO, Consanity, Inc.
Secretary, Evil Empire, Inc.

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