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10684790563_425862dee0_zAbout Con-Volution

Con-Volution is about the business of being a fan, while providing fun events for everyone that enjoys sci-fi, fantasy and fiction media. Chances are you’ve seen a movie, tv show, or read something that is part of speculative fiction. Geeks are no longer a niche market — we are part of every media format, and our enthusiasm has become so widespread that the news regularly covers our exploits.

We are here to encourage the members of our community to engage with their interests, whatever they may be. Want to write a novel? We have authors and editors willing to help. Are you into art? We have a Gallery for you to find unique pieces, and workshops that focus on crafts and artistic endeavors you can take home with you.

It doesn’t end there. Perhaps you’re into podcasting, making your own movies, costuming, or collecting. We have panels and workshops that cover those things too!

Amazing Programming

2014 Gallery

2014 Gallery


Con-Volution seeks to help artists of all kinds take their art to the next level. We want to offer programming and space for local artists to come together, develop their skills, and network.


We will explore science and technology to determine the current state of medicine, engineering, production, and other fields and how that compares to our vision for the future.


Con-Volution wants to help authors, new or experienced, develop their craft and reach the next level in their writing. We’ll have opportunities for writers to meet and listen to authors and publishers on how to get from the idea of a story all the way to getting it out there for the world to see.


Sometimes its just not enough to attend a how-to panel. Con-Volution offers various workshops that will allow you not just to learn how to make something, but you get to take it home at the end of the weekend.


Aside from readings and demonstrations Con-Volution will also provide live musical performances and stage shows.

From Our Guests & Attendees

“Con-Volution 2012 staff and attendees are the sort of fan that every author, artist, or game designer deserves: passionate, eager, friendly, and able. I had a wonderful time and hope to return to future ‘volutions.”

– Steve Berman, 2012 Guest of Honor, Author, Editor, Publisher

“Con-Volution is a small but packed convention. It’s got all kinds of writing / gaming / podcasts / costuming tracks. The GoHs are the Frouds, the Pinis, and Richard Kadrey. It’s going to be hard-boiled fairies! The dealers room is eclectic. The hotel is well laid out and easy to get to.”

– Jennifer Brozek, 2012 Featured Guest, Author, Editor

“Many cons have great programming. A lot of cons draw great people. Bunches of cons have both, but Con-Volution has both and an attitude that embraces what fandom is today and what it’s gonna be tomorrow.”

– Christopher Garcia, Creator of the Hugo Award Winning Fanzine “The Drink Tank”

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Our 2012 Video

Con-Volution 2012’s Assistant Director of Business Services (and 2015 Chairman) explains how you may be a fan of the Science Fiction / Fantasy genre, and why you should have attended our first convention in 2012. Fret not! You may since have missed Con-Volution 2013 and 2014, but there’s plenty of time to prepare for Con-Volution 2015!