Oct 09


whatisSLIDECon-Volution is an annual 3-day science fiction, fantasy, and media convention featuring guests, performers and vendors from a wide spectrum of the speculative fiction industry and community. Each year’s event is presented within the framework of a different central theme from which most of its programming items evolve.

Con-Volution provides a forum for creative professionals such as writers, producers, artists, costumers, performers, game designers and editors to network, entertain, educate, market their creations, and enjoy the company of people who love their works. For amateur creators and everyday fans, the event presents an opportunity to develop new skills, mingle with and listen to many of the professionals they admire, and to revel in the fellowship of the speculative fiction community.

Special events taking place at Con-Volution have included:

  • musical, dance and acrobatic performances
  • local sci-fi film festival and rare movie screening
  • casinos and auctions benefiting charitable organizations

Hands-on workshops, demonstrations and presentations have informed and educated about such diverse subjects as:

  • costume construction
  • prop fabrication
  • writing critique
  • swordsmanship
  • live raptor birds
  • self-publishing

A variety of games and tournaments are open to attendees, including collectible card games, live-action roleplaying and video games. The Gallery and Marketplace provide original themed artwork and a wide array of shopping items. Fan groups and other events similar to Con-Volution are represented at information tables and themed parties.

Con-Volution’s staff is comprised of everyday members of the community, who volunteer their time to present an event where fellow fans can gather to enjoy, discover, discuss and debate all aspects of speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics, etc.). Con-Volution also performs outreach to those who enjoy speculative fiction films, television, literature and games but don’t think of themselves as “sci-fi fans,” or who are unaware that a fellowship of people like them exists.