Oct 04

We’re Closed! Thank You All!

Closing Ceremonies Report

The Chairs:  Warlock will take over next year with Erik's blessing.

The Chairs: Warlock will take over next year with Erik’s blessing.

We opened at the Close with warm praise from all our Guests of Honor, thanking members and staff alike for the Con-Volution experience.

Auctioneer Noe then dropped in to remind about the charity and sell off several blue symbol banners.  The Star Trek banner was first up and sold for $30.  It was surpassed only by the final lot, a mystery banner that sold for $60, eliciting the obligatory “ooh” from the audience. It turned out to display the Umbrella Corporation Insignia.

The next order of business was the passing of the torch.  Enter next year’s Chairman (excuse them; Chairmonster), Warlock.  He passed out flyers and reminded us to sign up now for Con-Volution 2016:  The Age of Monsters.  Pre-register now with a special rate of only $35 for a standard, full-weekend membership.  Prices go up on the 6th!

To finish it all up, Erik simply said “my  heart is full.”

Some attendees stayed in the Harbor Room for the Feedback Session, still in progress. Dead Dog Party will take place in the former Hospitality Suite on 2nd Floor once load-out is complete.   The more volunteers there are, the quicker that process will be.