Aug 17

Masquerade, Costumes & Cosplay

Images from Convolution's inaugural masquerade in 2014.

Images from Convolution’s inaugural masquerade in 2014.

Fannish costuming and/or cosplay (there’s some debate about the interchangeability of those terms) has come a long way over the decades, evolving in many directions from a small-scale hobby to the huge phenomenon that has entered into mainstream media.

All we know is that whether you do it for competition or just for fun, dressing as fictional characters is cool!

To that end, Con-Volution is again hosting a Masquerade for our costuming/cosplay community, and for the general delight of all our attendees. This time we have two competitive tracks and a non-competitive option, so as to include just about anyone who’d like to enter.

CLICK HERE for more details about the Masquerade.

OR, why not just show up to the convention dressed as whichever character you’d like? You don’t need to enter the masquerade to share your creation or ensemble with everyone else. Just let your geek flag fly!1471935_697440670348257_4070279258704312172_n