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Writer’s Workshop

Every dream brings stories – some true, some fantastical. We are looking for your dreams that tell tales of fantasy and science fiction. Convolution 2014 is offering it’s third Writers’ Workshop for new and accomplished writers. Pros and your fellow writers will critique your work.

This opportunity is for aspiring authors to have professional writers critique their work based on story structure, plot, and style and character development. The workshop takes place in a small room with a limited group – the writers who have submitted work, the three professionals who have critiqued the work. There will a moderator to make sure the group stays on task and on time. Please remember: this is not a competition or a bragging contest. Participants must be at least 18 years old, and able to accept criticism in a mature manner.

· Stories must be Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, with a fantastic element of some kind.

· All submissions must be sent to writersworkshop@con-volution.com no later than August 15, 2014.

· Manuscript submissions can have up to 7,500 words. Manuscripts should conform to professional submissions standards. This means double spaced, with the header having your name, story name and page # starting on page 2. PLEASE, NO BLOCK FORMATTING!!!

· If you do not receive an email stating your manuscript was received, then you will need to resend it as something went astray. Please resend or contact Wanda Kurtcu head of the Writers Workshop at writersworkshop@con-volution.com.

· Longer pieces or novels must include a summary with a writing sample (the beginning is preferred). The summary counts as part of the 7,500 words.

·Authors must be pre-registered Convolution 2014 members. Your Convolution 2014 membership number or payment of an attending membership must accompany manuscripts. If your name is not the paying member, you must include the name of the paying member. If there is a problem with this, we will assist.

· If the piece of writing is a collaborative effort, then the team will be treated as “one author”. To put it another way, you will be given the same total amount of time as an individual author. All present must have a Convolution 2014 membership to be present at the workshop.

· Manuscripts must be emailed to writersworkshop@con-volution.com. Your manuscript must be in either Adobe Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Word Compatibility Format (.doc). We will not be accepting hardcopies. This allows us to quickly email our professional writers, and saves us the cost of mailing the manuscripts. This makes the Workshop FREE OF COST!!

· We commit to finding panelists and panels for the first 15 manuscripts. After that, manuscripts go on a waiting list as we try to put together additional panels or find some way to accommodate the additional manuscripts. Manuscripts are first come, first served.