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“Shields up!”
“Come about and prepare to fire torpedoes on my mark.”
“More power to the engines!”

Have you ever wanted to take command of a starship and lead your crew into battle? Artemis is here to make your dream come true. Step onto a simulated spaceship bridge with five friends and find out if you’re a good enough crew to rescue the sector from fiery destruction at the hands of invading alien warships! You’ll need a helmsperson, weapons officer, chief engineer, science officer, communications sergeant, and (of course) a captain. Find out what fate has in store for you, whether it’s glory or hilarious death. Artemis facilities and training provided by the USS Loma Prieta, San Francisco’s liveliest Star Trek fan organization and TSN Dawn Treader headed by Admiral Albert Baker and his crew.

You can sign up in Conifer on Saturday and Sunday of the con and see the schedule for the exhibition games as well.