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Tanya Huff

2014 Guest of Honor Author Tanya Huff

2014 Guest of Honor Author Tanya Huff

Following three years in the Canadian Naval Reserve (as a cook), a year studying forestry (although not very hard), a winter hanging around Universal studios (on the set of Operation Petticoat), a degree in Radio and Television Arts, and time spent managing North America’s oldest surviving SF&F bookstore (Bakka-Phoenix when it was only Bakka) Tanya Huff moved to rural Ontario with her wife Fiona Patton and began writing science fiction and fantasy full-time — or as full-time as possible around the needs of nine cats, two dogs, and eighty acres of land.  Her twenty-seven books range from heroic fantasy (the Quarters books) through humour (the Keeper Chronicles) to military SF (the Torin Kerr Confederation series) and include Scholar of Decay a novel set in TSR’s Ravenloft universe as well as four short story collections and three e-collections and recent e-reprints of Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light and The Fire’s Stone.  Her latest novel was The Silvered, a heroic fantasy with werewolves and a Napoleonic tech level (DAW, November 2011) and her next will be, The Future Falls THE, the third in the Gale Girls series. (no release date as yet because it’s trying to kill her)

Her books have been translated into nine languages (ten if you include British English)(which she does) and her five book Blood series, an urban fantasy/vampire/mystery mix which predated the current vampire craze by about fifteen years, was adapted into the 22 episode television series Blood Ties — a process she enjoyed every moment of.  Not only because it was the first time in twenty-five years she actually got to use her degree.

She watches baseball but not hockey, loves The Big Bang Theory, prefers David Tennant to Matt Smith, and thought Iron Man 3, while not as amazing as Iron Man 1, was better than Iron Man 2.   Her tastes in books ranges across the board, depending on mood at the time, but Terry Pratchett and Charles de Lint remain at the top of her favourites list and she still hasn’t gotten over the loss of Diana Wynne Jones.  When she’s not writing, gardening, dealing with the cats, watching TV, or reading, she practices the guitar and spends far too much time faffing about on social media.