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Convolution is organized and run entirely by volunteers.  If you are interested in getting involved or would like more information, please e-mail the appropriate person listed below.

Meredith Branstad

Launch Party

Meredith joined the convention world in 2002 when she joined the Jackal newsletter team at BayCon in San Jose, California.  She continued working in publications for a number of years, first at BayCon and then leading the newsletter team at Renovation, the 2011 World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, Nevada.  She is a founding member and the former CEO of Consanity Inc. and served as vice-chair for Convolution 2012.  She has helped with programming for both LoneStarCon 3 and Loncon 3.

In the rest of her life, Meredith is a principal at an environmental consulting firm in Rocklin, California where on any given day she may be netting fairy shrimp, surveying oak trees, relocating snakes, or designing a new park.  In her free time she enjoys quilting, cycling, and claiming cat on lap privileges to ask her husband to fetch her drinks.

Stephen Nelson

Stephen_NelsonStephen has been a convention staffer since 2002, when he joined BayCon’s in-hotel TV station, BCTV. He is a founding member of Consanity, Inc., and served on the Board of Directors until 2014. By day, Stephen is a software engineer for NetApp. In his so-called spare time, he produces the podcasts “The JackalCast” and “Tea Rage”, dabbles in disaster planning, and sings a cappella pop with local singing group Redshift.

Convolution Divisions




Event Services

Susie Rodriguez, Division Director

Susie Rodriguez is a homeschooling mother of two whose greatest blessing as a child was a father who read aloud and understood that The Hobbit was perfect for a starry eyed 5 year old. She has worked an assortment of jobs at an assortment of conventions, and believes all challenges have solutions, generally involving creative thinking or large amounts of duct tape.

Sally Rose Robinson, Asst. Division Director

SallyRose has traveled her entire life: from being born in Florida, growing up in Oakland, to her teenage years in Germany, Belgium and Morocco and ending back up in sunny California. She’s a happy Goth Geek Girl who loves dark faerie tales over Disney endings and if you ask you’ll hear all about her goals of combining Star Wars and Tarot cards. If she weren’t happily married, she’d be stalking  John Cusack and Ernest Cline. She finally made it to ComicCon in 2012 and met Nathan Filion, Seth Green, and Nicholas Brendon. She also got to watching Neil deGrasse Tyson blow the Starship Smackdown panel away with his support of the Classic Enterprise captained by Captain America. And yes he is as dreamy in person as you might imagine.
She attends W00tstock as often as she can and supports Geek Musicians such as The DoubleClicks, Paul and Storm, Pomplamoose, and Ukulele sensation Molly Lewis. (Look ’em up. You will thank her later!)
You can find out more about her by reading her blog(when she posts to it) here: http://the geekyrose.com/
Or follower her on Twitter (which she posted to a ton)- @sallyrose124
She’s passionate about her fandoms, but respects other’s opinions and loves sharing in them. Ask her to read your Tarot, when she’s not too busy being helpfully involved in the things she loves.
  • Guest Services
  • Programming
  • Special Events
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Gaming
  • Play Zone
  • Costuming

Member Services

Christine Doyle, Division Director


  • Art Gallery
  • Marketplace (Vendors)
  • Hospitality
  • Membership Registration
  • Info Desk
  • Newsletter

Business Services

Stephen Libbey, Division Director


Meri Meraz, Asst. Division Director

Meri, Assistant Director of Business Services

Meri Meraz has been participating in science fiction and fantasy convention scene since 2008 when she was invited to work with the Jackals on the official BayCon newsletter.  She really had no idea what she was getting herself into, but decided to seize the opportunity to take her passion for everything science fiction and fantasy to a new level.  She volunteered for two consecutive years for BayCon before taking a year off in 2010.  In 2011, she joined the Jackal pack once more to work on the official newsletter for WorldCon – Renovation in Reno, Nevada.  She attended her first convention, Convolution: The Next Step, as a visitor in 2012, but decided working behind the scenes was much more fulfilling.  This will be her second year on staff for Convolution.

In her alternate life, she is an Associate Environmental Planner who works to preserve California’s open space and agricultural resources.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and two kitties, cooking up experimental dishes, Netflix surfing, and has been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy since she could pick up a book and read on her own.
  • Advertising & Publications
  • Marketing & Outreach
  • Social Media
  • Hotel and Parties
  • Fan Tables
  • Volunteers
  • Charity

Convention Services

Dorie Bernstein, Division Director

  • Convention Operations
  • IT & Technical Services
  • Logistics
  • Volunteering


Parent Company – Consanity Inc.

Convolution is the flagship event of Consanity, Inc. a California S-Corp founded in 2011.