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Featured Event: Nightbreed- The Cabal Cut

 Everything is true. God’s an astronaut. Oz is over the rainbow… and Midian is where the monsters live.  -Peloquin, Nightbreed

The Cabal Cut - Convolution

In 1989 Clive Barker created his second full length feature film Nightbreed from his novel Cabal. During post production, 20th Century Fox ordered reshoots to change the empathies of the film from Clive Barker’s cut of Nightbreed to something that they thought would play better to the masses.

The film that was released in September of 1990 was a compromise of reshoots and studio input that never captured the story of Cabal.

Mark Miller started a journey to restore Nightbreed in 2009. He discovered that the original film could not be found, but one day he did find 2 VHS tapes that said “Nightbreed” on them. Once they were transferred to DVD, Mark Miller discovered he had 2 workprints. Enter Clive Barker’s friend Russell Cherrington, UK based Filmmaker and University of Derby Film Lecturer. He took the original film, the work prints, and the original script, and with Editor Jimmi Johnson, started a restoration.

In March 2012 Nightbreed – The Cabal Cut had its world premiere at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina, and since then, it has been screened around the world to sell out crowds.

Joining us will be restoration director Russell Cherrington, Hollywood star and actor Craig Sheffer, who portrayed Aaron Boone/Cabal in the film, and Anne Bobby, actress, writer, and costar of Nightbreed as Lori.  They’ll all be involved in a post-show Q&A and autograph signing session.

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SCREENING WILL BEGIN AT 12:00 PM NOON [ESPRESSO_CART_LINK event_id=”3″ anchor=”Register for This Event”]

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Join us on Sunday as we close out the convention with a bang, and show the newly remade and extended version of Clive Barker’s horror fantasy masterpiece.  The Tribes of the Moon await you…