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Sep 26

Overflow Hotel Available!

Overflow rooms available for $129 at Bay Landing Hotel

Jul 26

Featured Guest: Tricky Pixie

Tricky Pixie- Featured Musical Guests, performing Saturday night at the Goblin King’s Masked Ball!

Jul 26

Kickstarter: The Goblin King’s Ball

Visit our Kickstarter Funding project to donate and help us build an even better Saturday night event!

May 29

Featured Guest: Ivan Van Norman

Role Playing Game Designer, Fire Dancer, Reality TV Personality, Contestant on King of the Nerds

Mar 20


Hyatt Rooms are SOLD OUT. You can still make a reservation at our overflow hotel, The Bay Landing Hotel down the street for just $129 a night with parking, internet and breakfast.

Mar 19

Guest of Honor: Richard Kadrey

San Francisco based Author of the Sandman Slim novel series and numerous short stories

Mar 17

Guests of Honor: Wendy & Richard Pini

Creative Team Behind Elfquest, Authors, Illustrators, and Editors

Nov 07

Guest of Honor: Brian Froud

Artist, Author, Conceptual Designer

Nov 07

Guest of Honor: Wendy Froud

Doll Maker, Sculptor & Puppet Builder