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What is F Squared?

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Fan to Fan & Face to Face (F²)

F Squared is one of Convolution’s movements to foster community and fellowship


among fans of all genres of speculative fiction in all formats. Whether a seasoned veteran, casual admirer, or completely new to the world of fandom, Convolution wants to help you connect with the organizations, clubs, groups, and fans in the Greater Bay Area and beyond.

F Squared has many forms, including promotional tables for your event or club, meeting space at Convolution for your group or fan club, and opportunities to host programming events at Convolution.

Promotional Tables -ALL GONE-

Do you have a LARP coming up? Are you recruiting members for your local Doctor Who or Vampire Diaries fan club? Are you bidding for a WorldCon? Are you promoting your new book? If so, sign up for a promotional table. ALL GONE


Meeting Space

Is your Star Wars group having its annual meeting? Do you want to get members of your MMORPG guild together in person? Does your Doctor Who fan club need to meet and organize its fundraiser? If so, apply to have meeting space at Convolution. Request Space


Host Events & Program Items

Do you want to show off your new starship bridge simulator program? Are you releasing a new card game? Does your Sci-Fi knitting group want to teach folks to create a soft and fuzzy time traveling police box? Does your fencing club want to do demonstration? Does your LARP want to host a boffer tournament? Do you want teach people to make Cthulhu props? If so, then apply to host a programming event at Convolution. Suggest Event


Provide Content for Our Registration Bags

Make sure everyone finds out about your convention / product / movie / graphic novel / new game / local LARP / meetup / thing. We are happy to help you advertise by putting flyers or giveaway items in the registration materials for every Convolution attendee! Just send us a request form using the fancy gold button!Send Us Stuff