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Advertise @Con

We offer many competitive options for advertising to the hundreds of attendees at Convolution. Advertise in our Souvenir Book, given to every pre-registered attendee when they arrive at the convention, or select a banner option to get the maximum visibility at the event.

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Craig Fan Table

F Squared Request

Fan tables are a great way to connect with our attendees in person. A time honored tradition, these hallway tables are an opportunity to really connect with potential new attendees for your event, solicit donors to your charity, or finding new club members. Of course, if you are bidding for a WorldCon or WesterCon, you really ought to have one at Convolution!

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Fan Table

What is F Squared?

Fan to Fan & Face to Face (F²)
F Squared is one of Convolution’s movements to foster community and fellowship among fans of all genres of speculative fiction in all formats. Whether a seasoned veteran, casual admirer, or completely new to the world of fandom, Convolution wants to help you connect with the organizations, clubs, groups, and fans in the Greater Bay Area and beyond.

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Gallery - Main


The GALLERY showcases the works of Guests of Honor and any other talented artists from around the region. Come admire art from a variety of mediums, find the perfect item for that empty spot on your wall or mantel, or scout the artists’ works as you consider a custom commission.

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Marketplace - Convo Table


We are committed to providing a diverse and unique array of vendors to meet all your shopping desires. Our Marketplace is the perfect place to splurge or start your holiday shopping.

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BayCon 2013


Convention Partners Other conventions that we have partnered with or have provided us with advertising opportunities.           Local Community Partners Blog: Two Pens – by Matt Marovich Podcast: Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks – by Matt Marovich & Tyler King  KOR Karaoke – Owned by Bruce Rogers, KJ Extraordinaire

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