Friday, 2pm

Sandpebble C


So you think you can write the next great novel? November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), the world's largest writing challenge and nonprofit literary crusade. Bring your manuscript, and join other like-minded writers in a Write-In to start your writing month right.
With Kelly Gallagher (M)

Friday, 4pm

Sandpebble C

Mask Making Workshop 1

Need a mask for the Ball Saturday night? Join master costumers Kathe & Phil Gust as they show you ways to create a mask in a day.
With Kathe Gust (M) and Philip Gust

Saturday, 10am

Sandpebble C

Mask Making Workshop 2

In this second session, you can finish off the mask you started yesterday. Or perhaps make some changes to a mask you already have. Or simply ask our experts about masks and their history.
With Kathe Gust (M) and Philip Gust

Saturday, 12pm

Sandpebble C

Wonderflex Demo

Mette Hedin & Bryan Little show us the many things that can be created with the use of Wonderflex and some hot water. There's no knowing how this will turn out, unless you attend!
With Mette Hedin (M) and Brian Little

Saturday, 2pm

Sandpebble C

Making Patterns Fit

After you buy that great pattern, how do you make it fit properly? Our panelists show you how to alter the pattern, using a variety of techniques.
With Michael Sarkisian (M), Mary Cordero

Saturday, 4pm


Historical Martial Arts

It's not quite like The Princess Bride. Join our experts from St. Michael's Salle d'Armes as they demonstrate different styles of historically accurate fencing. Whether humerous or serious, it's not quite what we see in the movies and theater.
With St. Michael's Salle d'Armes (M), Sydney Thomson, Erland Cole, and Tony Barajas

Saturday, 4pm

Sandpebble C

Making Rust & Patina for Steampunk

Whether decorating or building props, adding real rust and patinas will give your objects the look of hundreds of years in just hours! In this workshop, we'll use locally available supplies to add rust and patina to plastic, wood, metal or even glass. We'll be creating real rust and patina -- not a painted faux look!

While attending the class is free, for $20, you can work along with the class and you'll leave with a sample pack containing everything you need to complete a few small projects in class and at home, too.
With Ilana Murray (M)

Saturday, 6pm

Sandpebble C

Goggle Building 101

Join Captain Lucky of the Aether Brigade who will help you make your own pair of the ever iconic steampunk goggles! Learn the basics of modding, a simple method for applying patina to your props and optionally, putting on leather straps! Kits available for cost of materials.
With Corey Holden (M)

Sunday, 12pm

Sandpebble C

Leather Roses

A rose by any other name... might be made of leather! Join master leather craftsman Erland Cole and learn how to make these lasting flowers to use at home and as a costume.
With Erland Cole (M)