Convolution (and by extension, Consanity, Inc) gladly accepts personal checks for payment whenpresented with photo identification under the following conditions:

Returned Check Policy

If a check is returned by your financial institution for any reason, a $25 charge will be assessed.Convolution will not accept a check from anyone who has previously presented three checks that were returned for any reason.

Convolution will make a reasonable attempt to contact the writer of the check to arrange for another form of payment (in the case of payments made in advance, for Vendor's tables, Gallery exhibition space, etc.). In the event of a returned check for an at-the-door purchase of convention membership,the check will be re-submitted to the financial institution as a second attempt at payment. If the check is returned a second time, the writer of the check will be contacted, and a credit card payment will be requested for the amount of the check, the cost of the bank processing fees, and the $25 charge.

In the above situation, if the writer of the check cannot be contacted, or payment cannot be arranged,the purchaser, and all names associated with the memberships purchased shall be denied the opportunity to write checks for any purpose to Convolution, and Consanity, Inc., and shall be required to conduct all future transactions via credit card or cash.