Convolution is a three-day science fiction, fantasy, and media convention. It is a place to try new things, develop professional skills, and learn alongside industry professionals. In addition to special events featuring our guests of honor we will have a variety of hands-on workshops, gaming, dances, and much more. Come explore San Cipriano, an immersive urban fantasy theme city for 2012.


  • The full program, including workshops and gaming events, is now posted under the "Programming" menu. We are still making some changes, so check back again!
  • During your attendance of our convention — between events, performances and other diversions — you may wish to find a place to rest your feet, partake of a refreshing beverage, and enjoy a quiet conversation. Take a look at what our San Cipriano-themed Hospitality Suite has to offer!
  • Behind The Blue Door: A Dr. Who-inspired Cabaret will be performing Saturday night November 3rd. Join us for an evening of burlesque, dance and more as we shimmy, shake, tease, and twirl our way across time and space with the help of a tarted-up TARDIS. With eleven Doctors, multiple companions, several spin-off shows, and an entire universe to explore anything can happen!

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