Marketplace and Gallery

Convolution's staff is committed to providing you with a diverse and unique array of vendors who can meet all of your shopping desires. Whether looking to expand your personal library, find a prop or clothing item to complete your costume or get that RPG or DVD you've been searching for, our MARKETPLACE is the perfect spot to splurge or begin your holiday shopping.

The GALLERY showcases the works of Guests of Honor Julie Dillon and Howard Tayler, Featured Guest Lee Moyer and many other talented artists from around the region. Come admire art from a variety of mediums, find the perfect item for that empty spot on your wall or mantel, or scout the artists' works as you consider a custom commission.


Friday 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM





Featured Guest Peter S. Beagle
(Conlan Press)
http://conlanpress.comAuthor's books & merchandise
Featured Guest Jennifer Brozek
(Apocalypse Ink Productions), http://jenniferbrozek.comPublisher's books & merchandise
Amsburyhttp://amsbury.comPirate Wares
Arc Manor Publishers, http://sailsuccess.comPublisher's books
Arsenic Fashionshttp://arsenicfashions.comClothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories
B. Coole Designshttp://bcoole.comMachine embroidery, patches
Cargo Cult Books & NotionsBooks, CDs, DVDs
CreepyTown Miniatureshttp://creepytownminis.comRPG & wargaming figures, terrain, accessories
Dankerhttp://dankersart.comArtist's Works
Dawno's Beaded Lanyards & Jewelryhttp://dawno.artfire.comLanyards, jewelry
Don Simpsonhttp://donsimpson.deviantart.comJewelry, accessories, sculpture
Fae Built Inc., jewelry, costuming
Games of Berkeleyhttp://gamesofberkeley.comBoard games, RPGs, dice, plush oddities
Jim & Melody Rondeau, comics, magazines, collectibles
Knitnut by JLhttp://knitnutbyjl.comKnitted & crocheted hats, accessories, dolls
Korrupt Labelhttp://korruptlabel.comT-shirts, hoodies, patches
LJ LaubenheimerFilk music, fabrics
Lucrezia's Delights, hair accessories
Patricia Leslie's books
Phil Davis Books & TreasuresBooks, collectibles
Semi-Precious Wire WorksJewelry
Springtime Creationshttp://springtimecreations.comJewelry
The Golden Gearhttp://thegoldengear.comProps, wearables, curiosities
Tulgey Wood Designshttp://tulgeywooddesigns.comCustom costumes & apparel
Wayward Shiftys & apparel



Guest of Honor Julie Dillon
Guest of Honor Howard Tayler
Featured Guest Lee Moyer
Kimberly Allbee
Gail Buschman
Charred Fibers
Patricia Davis
Theresa Mather
Carole Irene Parker
Catherine Winslow
Rachel Yonamine

To request information about registering as a vendor or artist for Convolution 2013, or to be placed on our waitlist in the event of last-minute cancellations for this year's sold-out room, please write to or , or send a message to Member Services via the form on our Contact Us page.